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To apply for the 2019 Smoky Mountain International Conducting Institute and Competition, please complete the below application form. No application will be reviewed until the required application fee has been received.

Note: The 2019 Competition is open only to Conductors selected for the Fellowship program.

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Please state your nationality. This is only for our internal records and will not affect the audition or competition processes in anyway.
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Would you like to be apart of the competition? The competition is open only to Fellowship Conductors.
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Phone (Including International Code)
You may pay your application fee via Google Pay, a check sent in the post or bank transfer. For candidates that do not have US or UK bank accounts: We recommend that you submit your application fee via a bank transfer. Google Pay is unfortunately only compatible with US and UK Bank accounts. All checks must be mailed to P.O. Box 715 Waynesville, NC, USA 28786
Fellowship and Associate Conductor Applicants should provide a minimum of two contrasting videos as a part of their applications. Should you be applying as an auditor please write "N/A" in the below box.
Please provide the following information: Name, Position, Relationship to Candidate and email address. NOTE: Applicants applying to be FELLOWSHIP and ASSOCIATE conductors are required to provide at least two different references. References may be former professors/teachers, experienced professional conductors, or professional orchestral musicians. Applicants applying to be an AUDITOR are not required to provide references and may type "N/A" in the Reference boxes.
Please provide the following information for your reference: Name, Position, Relationship to Candidate. NOTE: Applicants to be AUDITORS are not required to provide a reference.
Please provide a resume outlining your education and professional experiences. Note: Please submit a CV/Resume, not a biography. Alternatively, applicants may submit a CV/Resume in PDF format via email to admin@SmokyMountainConducting.com. Should you decide to do this, please write "I am sending my PDF CV/Resume in an email." in the box below.
Please list in the below box the orchestras that you have worked with. If you are applying for auditor and have not worked with any orchestras, then write "auditor".